Nice to meet you, I’m Souvie.

A brand inspired by life is born.

A simpler life.

Without waste.

Without aggressive elements to the ecosystem.

In a place where the most important is what really has value.

Where ethics precedes aesthetics.

Where nature is the inspiration,

with all its perfection and beauty.

Beauty that protects.

Beauty that nourishes.

Beauty that takes care of its fruits as we take care of a child.

Because nature is also a mother.

Souvie. Organic as its beauty.

Respect to nature

Nature is the protagonist in the creation of our product lines. Our cosmetics are inspired by the natural cycles of life and respect the particularities of each moment, each phase of the human being.

Own organic farming

We have our own organic farming and, therefore, we have access to and control of the entire production chain. By taking good care of the environment without using agrochemicals and adopting sustainable soil management, we ensure the quality of our ingredients and respect for life, from the very beginning.


Biomimetic technology

For each product, we rely on the same inspiration: biomimicry. Biomimetics is an area of science that studies biological structures and their functions, trying to learn and reproduce the strategies and solutions of nature itself.

Without parabens and with vegetable oil and organic hydrolate

Cosmetics that take care of skin health. For this we said “no” to many of the paradigms of the market. No to parabens. No to synthetic fragrances. No to dyes, and no to animal tests.